Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicken Enchilladas - by Steph

This is a made up recipe and can be modified in all sorts of ways.

cut up breasts of chicken in bite size pieces.
bell peppers
jalapenos or jalapeno cheese.
cream of mushroom soup
white cheese( mont jack or other)
cheddar cheese
Enchillada sauce(optional)
Corn tortillas

Saute onions, peppers and chicken. stir in mushroom soup add Tony's or other seasoning, cheese cheese cheese.
I just taste it and change until I like it.

Corn tortillas bought at the store are usually dry and not so good. So, I put a small amount of water ( just drops) in the bottom of a hot non stick skillet. Then put one corn tortilla and heat through. This kind of moistens them. You may have to add more water when turning them over. Spoon a strip of chicken mixture in the middle of each warmed tortilla and roll up. I usually put them in a cake pan lined up. Then I cover them with the same chicken/cheese mixture, sprinkle on a bit more cheese and put stripes of enchilada sauce. Not all over just drizzled. I usually pop in the oven to melt cheese. These also freeze nicely in individual dishes for taking to work etc.

posted by: Steph


Indigo Children said...

Thank you :)

I have been craving these all week. Mike has a game tonight, so I will probably make them this weekend.


Bobbie said...

i am making them for my mexican potluck this weekend! i can't wait!

Bobbie said...

ps. i will try to remember to take a pic and add to the page :)