Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Cocoa - by Stace (snow day food 1 of 5)

We had a snow day today, and we made lots of warm goodies to eat.

When I heard the girls were coming home early, I knew I wanted to have some hot cocoa ready. The last dreary weather day we had, I concocted some cocoa out of a few ingredients I had on hand and had it waiting for the girls when they came home. They were grouches when they walked in the door but all smiles and giggles when they saw the cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles.

I started with a stainless steel bowl of dark chocolate chips over a pot of boiling water.

When the chips melted, I poured in half and half, sugar and a little coconut oil (tip from a blog and I cannot remember which one now). I whisked this slowly letting the heat rise (but not boil). I just kept adding sugar and milk to taste.
This is a thick, rich cocoa (it is like drinking a chocolate bar!). My teens loved it, but could not finish the whole cup (fill cups about 1/2 full and add whipped cream and sprinkles).

For the whipped cream -- we bought a carton of heavy whipping cream, added sugar (to taste) to that and whipped it in the stand mixer until it looked pretty.


1/2 package dark chocolate chips
1 cup (about) half and half
4 T sugar (about)
1 t coconut oil

melt chips, add half and half, sugar and oil
whisk slowly over boiling water
test heat occasionally (do not let cocoa boil)
serve with whipped cream and sprinkles.