Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicken and Dumplings - by Stace

Mom made this for us on comforting. Dad always said (still says) mom made the best chicken and dumplings he ever tasted.

1 whole chicken
green onions
chicken bouillon cubes
salt and pepper

boil chicken in water and set aside to cool
add celery and onions to broth
along with 3-4 bouillon cubes
tear chicken apart and add back to broth

Make buttermilk biscuit recipe. Roll dough and cut into thin squares.

Add dough squares right before serving. Drop one or two in and let them float back to the top. Keep adding (but not too quickly or they will stick together).

Add more chicken broth if the dumplings absorb too much of the juice.

Enjoy! Very filling -- no crackers or bread needed.

Posted by Stace


Bobbie said...

thanks stace! i'm gonna try this one on sunday!