Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recipe Links - by Stace

Here are links to some recipes I have used recently.

It is the season for soup, and I love soup for many reasons.

1- it is a good way to make a little meat go further
2-it can be yummy even when you have no meat
3-it is cheap (usually)
4-it warms the house and makes everyone feel cozy and at home

Today I made Wesley's 15-bean-soup (check out her Soup Sunday posts). I soaked the beans overnight, and then put everything in the crock-pot before we left for church, and it is ready now. We will have it tonight with whatever hard bread I can find at the grocery. This recipe made a lot of soup, and we will be eating it all week (yum!).

My sister is coming to town, and I am in the mood to make some banana bread, so I am headed to get some too-ripe bananas from the store.

Wesley's 15-bean soup

Southern Plate's Chicken Stew
This stew lasted a week, and we loved it. I made it on a Sunday, and we ate it with crackers. I ate it all week for lunch, and the five of us still made two more dinners out of it, one with some delicious garlic breadsticks.

I made our Chicken Tortilla Soup for friends on Friday night, and we still have a little of this left over. I will make up some dishes for the girls to take to school and freeze the rest tonight.

What are you cooking?